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Kamis, 15 Desember 2011


LearningL.E.A.R.N.I.N.G is one of the ongoing processes in human life. Do you believe that we have a big challenge not to stop learning?

As a blogger, actually, this rule always runs in our life. We should still learn, learn and learn to reach our goal. Please read the subject above once again carefully. Can you get another word except learning? :)

I won’t teach you to learn because mostly every of you have already done this process since you are in womb until now. I only want to tell you that from your learning process, you can make something valuable for you. And what is that? I think you have found the answer from the subject above? YES…. It is Earning…. From Learning you can catch you Earning.

Most of the bloggers start their blogging activity without money orientation, or well known as make money blogging. Until they find the fact that internet is one of the big money niches beside the offline business. Internet provides a huge consumers and market for many products and it can match the need of the seller or producer to sell their products and services, Blogger who can give them a big challenge to promote these products or services, and the costumers who looking these products or services through the internet. You can read my previous post to find the fact of internet marketing here .

Back to the topic !!! here I share to you tips that I think can be the way of learning and make earning from your blogging activities. have nice reading…. :)

Find the soul. Why you need to find the soul it self first? Because to become a successful marketer, it is need the soul of netrepreneurship. Do not too selfish to admit that this business can give a big income, and do not to selfish too give a big space in your blogs for the advertisements (some times we put the ads on a tiny space in our blog). But remember that you still learn, learn and learn to find and keep the soul in you.
Find out the seven facts about internet marketing. Start you learning by reading this article. I hope by reading this article can give you a bright side of the make money blogging.
Start to make your own blog or personal web. Without this, how you can’t run your online business? ;) Many articles in the internet provide the way to build your own blog.
Start to learning about internet marketing and make money online. Keep learning, learning and learning, because believe me that the world is always change , and the need is always change. Do you know why ? So we must know the movement.
Explore your self and your capability. I believe that every of us have their own capability in blogging, and it can be the special thing in you to make you different with others. Just read this article to find out what is this special thing in you, ust put your pointer and easy klick here.
Find out our earning niche. My suggestion to you before you decide the niche of your blog is by learn in this astonish article about niche.
Start to monetize your own blog or personal web. Many programs that you can follow such as Paid per Click, Paid to Review, affiliates, put the advertisement banner, etc. what I have started is building my online store. Just take a look here .

I thing by doing this simple steps, you can start your learning process to get your own earning. Remember !!!! Earning is not so far from Learning. Just keep learning to find your earning in [L]earning.
Anda sedang membaca artikel tentang Learning dengan URL, nakaku mengizinkan Anda untuk menyebar luaskannya atau copy-paste artikel Learning ini jika memang bermanfaat bagi anda dan orang lain, karena slogan nakaku "Menabur Ketulusan Menuai Kebahagiaan" namun jangan lupa untuk meletakkan link Learning sebagai sumbernya.
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